15 may. 2015

Embellishment by hand

"Embellishment is recognized in many cultures as something that needs to be continually recreated, and is thus viewed as an opportunity  to renew one's surroundings as well as oneself. When the natural pigments are washed away with the rain, they are simply repainted without dread or regret, for its acknowledge that in the act of creating beauty, the creator - as well as the creation - becomes enhanced and therefore more beautiful. Consequently the process itself is valued as much, if not more, than the final product"

From the book Built by hand, Vernacular buildings around the world


9 may. 2015

ekuazion with Earthship Biotecture: WINDSHIP


Life changing experience with Earthship Biotecture working as a volunteer in Batug, Leyte (Philippines).

This area was highly affected by super typhoon Yolanda.

Both a new beautiful eco-school and a zero-cost shelter were successfully completed.

Enjoy some images and please support Earthship

There are many ways to do it... either contact me or go to their web page for more info.

If you are London based make sure you meet Concrete Jungle Eartship crew to find out how to get involved, how to learn more, how to get trained, how to get your own Earthship....

 be part of the movement,
 be more self-sufficient,
 be more FREE