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Summer 2016



@ Abetenim Art Vilage [Ghana]


in collaboration with 

Why Eco-effectiveness?
 Eco-effective architecture presents an alternative design and construction concept to the strategies of zero emission, sustainability and eco-efficiency. Where these seek to reduce the unintended negative consequences of processes of production and consumption, eco-effectiveness is a positive agenda for the conception and production of architecture that incorporate social, economic, and environmental benefit, enabling triple top line growth

June-July 2016.

The workshop will run for about 8 weeks.
Join at any time and participate for a minimum of two weeks.

Abetenim Art Village - Ejisu-Juaben District [GHANA]

Abetenim is a rural village surrounded by astonishing landscapes and gorgeous wildlife located 40 Km North-East from Kumasi, once the capital of the rich and powerful Ashanti kingdom, Ghana's second city is still dripping with Ashanti traditions. This region is a nature lover’s delight. It has sunny equatorial climate and fertile well-watered soils sustain and enchanting selection of wild life ranging from elephants to monkeys and marine turtles to crocodiles. More of the 5% of the country’s surface area has been accorded official protection across 16 national parks of which the most popular is the vast Mole National Park.
Participants will have short breaks from the construction works to visit the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary or a cool off all day at the Kintampo waterfalls at Sunyani. Along the way you will be further exposed to architecture in other parts of the country. Over the weekend, participant can explore the nearby cultural sites such as Bomwire Kente Village, Bobiri Forest Reserve, or the cultural centres of the historic city of Kumasi that bring cultural tourism to the region. Or, can spend the rest of the free time collaborating with indigenous musicians, weavers, storytellers, or teach some of the life skills you have to the local school children. After the workshop, it is your time to relax and be a tourist. You may take your time to visit other places you really would like to see of which the region is known, whether for your academic interests or sightseeing like vacationers.

International students [1 of 4]

We are inviting all student or graduates in architecture, engineering, design or anyone passionate with sustainable architecture, ecology and development, advocates of sustainable practice, adventurers  and volunteers to participate in this life-changing experience.. Students can use the workshop opportunity to fulfil the academic requirements for their stage/internship, thesis, or volunteer just for learning-by-doing. To apply please contact ekuazion@gmail.com.

Local community [2 of 4]

People from the community will be involved with the prototyping during all the stages and will be a key part of the workshop design & build team as this prototype is for them, for the community to enjoy. One of the goals of this workshop is to increase the interexchange of knowledge and to activate a multipolar empowering flow between all stakeholders which is essential for a successful and effective design for development. Working together with the community enriches the whole process while creates the means to self-awareness, heightens cross-cultural communication skills and boosts cross-cultural understanding. 

NKA Foundation [3 of 4]

Nka Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to serve underserved communities in Africa focusing on human capital development through the use of the arts 
At Abetenim, they are building an arts village designed as a learning hub to provide stable places for creative people from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create.
Nka Foundation invites emerging and established artists (individuals or groups) to apply for residencies within the frame of Artist in Residence The rural arts village provides the participants with time and space away from the everyday stresses of city life to focus and investigate own practice, creating the possibility for discovery, collaborations and growth. The arts village has an open-air theatre, workspaces and guest houses for accommodation. 
Throughout the year, Nka Foundation organizes international projects such as earth architecture workshops, international artist workshops, and artist-in-residence at the site.

EKuazioN [4 of 4]  (Workshop leader)

EKuazioN is the name of my professional practice on design & management of eco-efficient architectural solutions for development.
My name is Karla Paz Sans and in collaboration with NKA Foundation I am the workshop organizer and will be its leader on site. As well I will be the project manager on site for the construction of the new Secondary School in Abetenim. This means you can join me on this other project during your free time and make the most of your experience by learning from and collaborating with other local ongoing projects while staying in the village.

Please feel free to contact me through my email if you have any questions related with the workshop or the Secondary School project [I will be able to understand & answer your emails if they are in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Galician]

Karla Paz Sans
Project Manager & Technical Architect-Building Engineer
Sustainable Architecture PhD
International Cooperation for Development PhD


By a LEARN, DESIGN & BUILD process


Based on an eco-effective architecture approach, we will be prototyping a house to be used for international and local artists as a space to live and to create while visiting Abetenim Art Village. The goal is to develop an engineered solution which is the most effective in its context, has a positive incidence in both the environment and the community and whom technology and knowledge are replicable locally.


A three steps method is proposed. First the team will enjoy a deep engagement with the community through respectful observation and cooperative processes. A second stage for the analysis of the local needs, initiatives, traditions, landscape, resources and climatology. And a third stage of theory lessons about eco-effective architecture


Although the design is based on a collaborative approach where the decisions are taken by the team, there are some strategies that are predefined by the workshop motto for the architectural prototype process like: Clean water, air, soil and power, up-cycling of materials ["cycle of life" thinking], zero waste, local empowering, bioclimatic design and low cost.


This is a hands-on full-on site-specific workshop experience and It promises high-impact learning practice gaining global experience for both personal development and professional growth. Most evenings will be used for reviewing construction progress along with informal discussions and presentations by the workshop leader, local community and international participants.


Workshop cost & project contribution [€400/$540]

Cultural orientation
Theory lessons
Hands-on lessons
Onsite staff available 24/7.

Accommodation: It will be of guest house at the village [€60/$80 per week].

Food: It is by cooperative kitchen, shared planning, cost and shopping [about €60/$80 per week]

-Not included:

Airfares, Visa and Insurance

16 nov. 2015

school @ Abetenim, Ghana

At Abetenim, Nka Foundation is building an arts village to provide stable places for arts and design practitioners from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create. We are building the arts village by exploring what resources the community already has, such as red earth and vernacular methods of construction and by mobilizing these rural assets to design and build modern mud houses.
With the help of international partners, volunteers and donations from the international public, the Foundation has helped the Abetenim community to build a junior secondary school and kindergarden units. The population of Abetenim and the surounding villages is in the increase. Seeing that a senior secondary school is now needed, the community has marked a10-acre site, if Nka could raise the funds for the construction of the first buildings to get the senior secondary school open to its first class of the envisaged 600 student poulation. Though the construction will be by community labor, the fund is needed for materials and other site-based expenses. The community really needs the help. Will you join us in giving these rural students the best opportunities available? 

Site Plan of the School by Nilesh Patel, Australia

Abetenim is a village in the Ejisu-Juaben District (http://ejisujuaben.ghanadistricts.gov.gh) in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The standard of living is rather low. The village is dotted by mud houses, built in ways that tell of abject economic poverty. More than 75% of the people in Abetenim live below the poverty line as defined by the United Nations by subsisting on less than $2USD per day. So, please donate to this cause, share the campaign, and help us build this school!   


Give Hope. Change Lives

Education is a foundation for rural development! Today, the population of the population of the Abetenim is about 1,000 people, with 60% of them between the ages of 1 to 25 years. About 98% of the adults in the village are unable to read or write proficiently because they did not gain elementary school education. Nka Foundation wants to assist the community to build a senior secondary school in order to cultivate new generations who will help drive the development of their community. We focus on the education of the younger generation in view that in the next 10 to 15 years, the youth of today (9- to 15-year olds) will be educated adult leaders in the community, who will in turn influence the upcoming generation. In light of this, we recruited a design team of architects, engineers and designers from www.onlinevolunteering.org to help us design the school, to be built incrementally. That means, the school will be built in phases over the next five years. Now, we are crowdfunding to raise money for the construction of the first phase involving classrooms, staff room and offices to get the school started by August 2016. 

We Can’t do it alone! And You Can Help!

We've got the land, architectural drawing, community labor, students and teachers; now we initially need $20,000 to transform our vision into reality. This is why we are here asking you to support our efforts by donating money, time or you can come to volunteer at the construction site in Ghana for 1 week or more from April 2 to December 31, 2016. Together, we will build a school that will impact the lives of those growing up in poverty, their children, and generations to come.

How YOU Can Help

By making a pledge! There’s no getting around it. It works in partnerships.  So, take a look at the rewards we offer and sow a seed by donating generously and help us to reach that goal! Every bit counts! And of course, you can increase your pledge at any time. Our goal for the school’s first phase is to raise at least €21,900.  €20,000 to cover materials and other construction expenses for the first four buildings AND the small fee charged by the funding platform and costs of getting out rewards to donors. We expect to reach our funding goal, even exceed it. Should we exceed our goal, things get even more exciting. We will move on to the second phase of the school construction. 

Charitable Matching? Yes, Everything Helps!

If your company does charitable matching, we would encourage you to submit your generous donation to help accelerate our fundraising. Your donation could do twice as much! You can email info@nkafoundation.org for the TaxID number for your paperwork.

What Your Corporate Donations Can Do

The project is offering naming opportunities for philanthrophists and corporations looking to invest in the lives of the younger generations. Be a part of this! Let’s create change where it is most needed.  Any of the naming opportunities can be dedicated in the names of individuals, families, foundations, or corporations of your choosing. They’ll make great Christmas presents! You will have to send us the name of your choice and we will engrave it and afix it permanently on the Wall of Donor in the administrative building in the school. And if you allow us, we will post another engrave plate on that name at the entrance to the unit that you donation helped build. Your pledge can be fulfilled over the course of a single year or several years, whichever you prefer. If you are a millionaire, who can give to the poor, adopt this school building project. Remember, we are a nonprofit organization. Every penny we raise goes toward funding our projects.

  • $2,000 - Classroom, 12 naming opportunities available.

  • $5,000 - Dormitory Room, 8 naming opportunities available

  • $10,000 - Science Labs, 3 naming opportunities available (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs)

  • $15,000 – School Cafeteria, 1 naming opportunity available

  • $20,000 – Administrative Building, 1 naming opportunities available (offices, a large teachers room, visitors lounge and a Sick Bay.

  • $30,000 - Library, 1 naming opportunity available

Other Ways You Can Help

Here are other ways you can help us reach our target:
(1) Spread the word about the campaign to your own networks. It doesn’t take much time to send a tweet, update your Facebook status or email to a colleague about this project. Ask them to share about this campaign and encourage their friends and colleagues to back us too. Together, we can sow a seed to change the rural world.
(2) Be Our Ambassador at the Christmas Celebrations: Tell your family members, friends and colleagues that instead of giving you a Christmas present that they can make a donation to this project on your behalf.
(3) Come to Abetenim and Help us! We would like to invite mission teams, builders Without Borders, engineers without borders, Youth Without Borders, sans frontières, school teams, and others who would be interested in traveling to Ghana to participate in the construction of the school. If interested, please email us for an invitation. It is not all work! The weekends can be used for cultural excursions, sight-seeing trips to national parks for the wildlife or for attending community events such as weddings, religeous functons, funerals, and festivals. If you are an entrepreneur or an indigenous arts advocate, you can spend the rest of the period collaborating with indigenous musicians, storytellers, weavers, bronze casters, leather workers, or contemporary practitioners.
Make sure to follow us on twitter @ nkaprojects and use the #Abetenim hashtag! If you would like to make a monthly donation, volunteer, or do an internship on this school project for university credits, please send us an e-mail to info@nkafoundation.org / www.nkafoundation.org. 
Thanks in advance for your generosity, or as they say in the Ashanti Region:  


For $1 or more

THANK YO! Card for supporting our school project + photo updates on the project

 For $25 or more

We will take a picture of whatever you would like to see of Abetenim and nearby villages i.e. the sunrise, moon as it looks, children at play, a laughing/smiling face, palm oil processing, cocoa trees, a shadow … so go ahead send us your request. We exhibit all of the pics on our Facebook and we will email you the picture you requested.

For $50 or more

You will receive a copy of a short film documenting the challenges and successes of this project + we'll list you as a donor in the credits line in the film + all of the rewards in any of the above contribution levels.


For $70 or more

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO ALBUM (min. 50 images) detailing the program and the participants + Glass Beads Necklace + all of the rewards in any of the above contribution levels.

 For $100 or more

YOU ARE AWESOME!    In addition to the above, you will receive a guest certificate of appreciation that guarantees donor a 2-day stay in Abetenim to see the project you helped fund. This offer is redeemable until November 8, 2018 + all of the rewards in any of the above contribution levels.

For $2,000

The "yourname" Dormitory!  We will reward you with the opportunity to name a school dormitory after you, or another name of your choice. We will engrave the name on a plate and put it on our Wall of Donors in the school. And we will issue you a Certificate of Appreciation that guarantees donor a 3-day stay in Abetenim to see the project you helped fund. Offer is transferable, so it will make a unique Christmas gift.

For $5,000

The "yourname" Classroom!   We will reward you with the opportunity to name one classroom after you, or another name of your choice. We will engrave the name on two plates and put one on our Wall of Donors and the other plate inside the unit that your donation helped build. 

 For $10,000

SCHOOL PROJECT BOARD MEMBER! and we will reward you with the opportunity to name one of the Science Labs, (Physics, Chemistry or Biology) after you, or another name of your choice. We will engrave the name on two plates and put one on our Wall of Donors and the other at the entrance to the unit that your donation helped build. You are welcome to join ourSchool Board of Advisors to guide, counsel and advise the school for educational growth.

For $15,000

DREAM MAKER!  We will reward you with the opportunity to name the School Cafeteria after you or your company. We will engrave the name on two plates for our Wall of Donors and forthe entrance to the Cafeteria. PLUS  a mixed-media painting on canvas by an African artist, a keepsake and reminder to you that you help make the Abetenim dream school come. The minimum resale value of each painting is $600.

For $20,000

YOU ARE REALLY AMAZING!   You will receive the opportunity to name the school’s administrative building after you or your company PLUS a mixed-media painting on canvas by an African artist, a keepsake from the arts village in recognition of your pioneering help. The minimum resale value of painting is $600. We are inviting you be our special guest at the dedication ceremony in a Durbar to clelebrate the completion of the school building project.

For $30,000

GUEST OF HONOUR INVITATION!   We will name the school library after you or your company. If you allow us, we will ship to you a mixed-media painting on canvas by an African artist, a keepsake for your awesome contribution. You will be on our School Board of Advisors and you are much welcome as the Guest of Honor at the dedication ceremony in a Durbar to clelebrate the completion of the school building project. This invitation includes one-week accommodation and food at Abetenim town and a guided tour of regional sites.

More info at NKA foundations or eKuazion