"We tend to mix up two nuclear concepts: the EFFICIENCY (sustainability) and the EFFECTIVENESS; relaying on the first one to minimize its negative impact and inherently making a sub-optimal system more efficient by curtailing how much “bad” it produces. This is actually a dangerous strategy because it encourages us to stick to what has been poorly designed.

Let us take a TREE as an example, thousands of blossoms for one seed to eventually fall onto the ground, take root, and grow. Someone can think that this process is inefficient and wasteful. But the tree makes copious blossoms and fruits WITHOUT DEPLETING its environment. Once they fall on earth, their materials decompose and break down into nutrients that nourish microorganisms, insects, plants, animals, and the earth itself. In fact, the tree’s fecundity NOURISHES just about everything around it.

The marvelous thing about EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS like trees is that one wants MORE of them, not less. And here is where eKuazioN has its ROOTS"

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