13 jul. 2014

love LOTEK's daegu public library

Building type: Public Library (competition entry)
Location: Daegu, Korea
Size: 33,000 SF
Structural Consultant: Robert Silman Associates
Design: 2012

+info: LOTEK

The Structural and Technological Systems
The structure has been designed with careful attention to sustainable building systems and contemporary technology. It is composed of some 170 standard ISO shipping containers, which have been stacked cut on the outside and carved on the inside to create flowing interior spaces and sculptural curves. This approach offers substantial advantages in both economy and environmental sustainability. A complex and expressive form can be generated with an unusually efficient structural system. This creative “upcycling” of prefabricated components has an even more positive environmental impact than the standard recycling of building materials. By mobilizing prefabrication strategies, site work and building fabrication can happen simultaneously, and construction is substantially less disruptive to the ongoing life of the neighborhood and the community: it’s a model of simpler and cleaner construction that sets a tone of proficiency and serenity: a tone and feeling that carries over into the entire life of the building. 

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