13 jul. 2014

+LOTEK....carroll house

Client: Private
Building Type: single-family residence
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size: 5,000 SF
Structural Consultant: Robert Silman Associates 
Mechanical Sustainability Consultant: Dagher Engineering 
Design: 2011 (currently under construction)

21 steel containers are collected and stacked. 

The stack is then cut diagonally along both the top and bottom, creating a striking profile that invokes Williamsburg's industrial past, while providing a sculptural nod to the rapidly changing neighborhood. The house is located in a typical corner lot in Brooklyn, measuring 25x100-feet. 
Transforming the containers’ assembly into a single-family residence, the diagonal cut generates a very enclosed and private monolith from the surrounding streets.
The diagonal also modifies the conventional ground-floor rear yard type and use, allocating private outdoor space at each level of the house.
Large glass doors allow access to each deck, offering light and cross ventilation at all levels.
A steel stair along the north wall connects all outdoor spaces. 
The house is currently under construction.

+ info: http://www.lot-ek.com/INDEX-1

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