13 sept. 2011



1.Development of houseing for homeless people within a limited budget on a limited space and with a sustainable concept for energy ensuring low operating costs.

2.Developmentof high urban density and new public spaces.

3.Mixed functions to enable social integration.

4.Alternative building sites.

Location: Copenhague. Denmark

‘HomeLessHome’ is a small home composed of rough frames that was built entirely from standard parts and materials like scaffolding pipes, bright red shipping containers, and waterproof plastic mesh, creating a super-basic house.
The house could be installed in either a rural area or a city, does not require a foundation, and can be quick and easily assembled by fastening ‘walls’ with standard plastic fasteners.
The house is designed to be flexible, modern, and mobile – plants hang in plastic bags so that they can be easily transported to the shelter’s next location.

a school class visit the project to learn about architecture and to have a home or not to have a home

the garden room between the containers create an intensive atmosphere


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