8 sept. 2011

seatrain house...OMD


The Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

This 3,000 sf residence is situated in a 300 loft live-work artist community by the Brewery. Industrial and traditional materials are playfully combined, using storage containers and steel found on-site in downtown LA.
Large panels of glass throughout the house open up the space, allowing natural light to pour in, connecting it to the private garden oasis and artists’ community. This home literally grows up from the land around it, engaging with and incorporating the industrial history of downtown LA by using found-on-site materials. Grain trailers are transformed into Koi fishpond and lap pool. The storage containers are used to create and separate the dwelling spaces within the house. Each storage container has its own individual function, one is the entertainment and library area, another is a dining room and office space over looking the garden below, another serves as the bathroom and laundry room and yet another is the master bedroom, a visually dramatic protruding volume that wraps around the upper part of the house.
Here, recycled materials are not just practical and cost-effective; they create a unique, dramatic architectural vocabulary. Combined with steel and glass, the result is sculptural, open and LA modern.


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