23 dic. 2011

breathing construction: archytipe

Pioneering Timber Construction

Value: £450k; client: The Horniman Museum; complete: 1995


London Wildlife Trust Education Centre & Centre for Understanding the Environment, Horniman Museum Architype’s Centre for Understanding the Environment at the Horniman Museum in South London was built as an expressive, highly visual demonstration of ecological building. The design incorporates a natural passive ventilation system routed through large section hollow prefabricated timber beams and columns, integrating structure and services. The building collects rainwater, recycles its own greywater through reed beds, generates electricity through photo-voltaic cells, heats water through solar collectors, and utilizes the reed bed water for auditorium cooling
The centre won a ‘Green Building of the Year’ award in 1997
Our award winning and much loved centre for the London Wildlife Trust creates an idyllic garden within a residential street. The building itself was the first in the UK to employ a ‘breathing’ construction using recycled newspaper insulation. The orientation of the building is designed to maximise solar gain in autumn, winter and spring. In summer, natural through-ventilation is created and solar shade maximised. Non-toxic paints, stains and floor finishes are used throughout. 
Community Enterprise Times Environment Award, 1992; Green Building of the Year Awards Commendation, 1993

Value: £56k; client: London Wildlife Trust; complete: 1992

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