23 dic. 2011

landscape integration: architype

Sustainable Distribution Centre


This unusual project is to provide a 8000m2 chilled, storage facility, which is visually sympathetic to the surrounding landscape, and designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Architype worked with Oakland International to develop a vision for the project which:
  • is part of a wider site development project which will develop further as a ‘food park’ attracting food manufacturers and demonstrate sustainable business within a dedicated education facility
  • provide a flexible facility to accommodate Oakland’s planned  growth between 2010 and 2013
  • demolish the five existing buildings and replace with one sustainable depot
  • create a building that can be used as a showcase
Our concept design integrates the building into the Worcestershire green belt by creating a ‘fold’ in the landscape, replacing the existing sub-standard agricultural sheds with a grass-roof supported by a repetitive single-span glu-lam arch and rigid insulation panels. Further smaller, satellite 'folds' are earth-bunds functioning as screens to the HGV circulation and docking bays.
+ info: http://www.architype.co.uk

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