23 jun. 2011

seed pantry

Fruit & veg growing in urban spaces


At Seed Pantry we provide urban food growers with everything needed to get started even where little or no garden space is available.
Below are a few pointers to get you started on your food growing adventures with downloads and videos clips being available here soon!
why grow your own food?
five good reasons to get growing..

1.Fresher tastier food- the fresh delicious flavours of own grown veg beat supermarkets hands down
2.Environment friendly- vastly reduced food miles and better use of land
3.Saves money- it’s costs less to grow your own food than buying it at the shops
4.Rewarding & healthy- a great sense of achievement with health benefits for you, colleagues, friends and family
5.It’s good fun- once you see that first seedling you’re hooked for life!

you can grow food in any spare space..
The traditional way of growing food in long rows on the allotment is not the only method for producing your own crops. Food can be grown in any space that is available and in pretty much any kind of container.
If you don’t have space to grow your own fruit and veg in a garden or allotment, growing in containers on a roof terrace, courtyard, balcony, or window sill has advantages over traditional methods.
why it is an advantage to grow crops in containers:
You don't need a garden to grow food
Fruit & veg are grown easliy in pots/containers with less maintenance
You can recycle & improvise with containers that are bought, salvaged or made
Containers can be placed within arms reach, so people with mobility problems can enjoy food growing also
It is easier to control soil texture, nutrients & pest damage to plants in containers
Food can be grown all year round indoors or outdoors, e.g. salad crops
how do I get started?
Growing food provides a great sense of achievement and brings people together in a fun and educational way. There are a couple of steps to consider when growing your own food but nothing too complicated, the main thing is to have a go and learn from any mistakes....once you’ve produced a little of your own food you’ll be hooked for life!
five easy steps to growing your own food..

1.Plan the plot- consider the space available, a roof terrace, back garden, courtyard or an office windowsill?
2.Decide what to eat- decide what you would like to grow to eat, pick your favourite veggies
3.Buy seeds & equipment- visit Seed Pantry for your seed kits, containers & compost
4.Get sowing & growing- follow the instruction provided with your seeds & keep them watered!
5.Harvesting & eating!- early results from salads are great & get eating the delicious food you have grown

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