14 jun. 2011


GLOBAL CONTAINER PARTNERSHIPS is an organization that has perfected a method and system to economically convert retired international shipping containers into sustainable housing and community buildings such as medical facilities, schools and neighborhood centers. The proven system is based on matching a team of our experts with local citizens to create needed structures, to teach skills to local team members and to aid local economic development. This training and knowledge will better prepare the residents to help the advancement of their own communities while raising their own personal standard of living.
The containers, made of steel or aluminum and designed to support extreme loads, are the building blocks of the construction. They may be assembled in a variety of configurations meeting specific requirement of site or community. They allow for the use of unskilled labor in constructing the buildings. They can provide secure space, support second floors and roofs, bridge uneven grades and generally establish the structural foundations for a successful building at costs well below conventional construction.
In addition to the conversion, installation and transformation of containers into sustainable buildings; the GLOBAL CONTAINER PARTNERSHIPS team encourages and helps train community residents to take an active role in improving their living conditions, education and neighborhoods.

why containers ? 
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Container Ship Truck delievering 
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"Retired" shipping containers are readily available worldwide.

Shipping companies seek ways to dispose of the "retired" containers.

Containers are inexpensive as the basic "building block" for a variety
of facilities and housing.

Containers can be transported by ship, train or truck.

Because infrastructure already exists in most countries, containers are readily useable for disaster relief or economic development.

Containers are designed to withstand incredible stresses in shipping and therefore are resistant to such forces as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Containers are watertight.

Containers are stronger than an average, conventionally built residence.

Containers can be used as either permanent or temporary structures.

Containers can be set up quickly for immediate shelter following natural or manmade disasters.
See more projects in Jamaica, Haiti and Liberia here.

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