12 sept. 2020

the growing pavilion: bio-materials


The pavilion is unique in the way in which a large number of biobased materials, such as wood, hemp, mycelium, cattail and cotton, come together to form an extraordinary creation

The Growing Pavilion is a Biobased Creation of Company New Heroes and Dutch Design Foundation.
Design: Pascal Leboucq in collaboration with Krown.bio 
Concept : Pascal Leboucq – Lucas De Man – Biobased Creations | Company New Heroes

The Coral

 home algae farming




PRESS || FastCompany / Mashable / DWELL / Dezeen / Designboom / Core77 / Inhabitat / and more…

AWARD || Dezeen Awards 2019 Longlist / Design that Educates 2020 / INDUSTART 2019

EXHIBITION || Dutch Design Week 2019, Dubai Design Week 2019, Elle Deco Italia

6 jun. 2020

Tulum's treehouse version of a museum

Conceived by the grandson of Peggy Guggenheim, IK LAB, a contemporary art gallery that recently opened in Tulum, Mexico, promises to transcend the traditional confines of the art museum. The gallery is experienced in part by your feet and through the various materials encountered as visitors navigate the immersive tree-house structure.

The Argentine native, a former painter with no formal architectural background, constructed the curvaceous, womb-like IK Lab on the site of his eco-conscious resort Azulik (a portmanteau of the Spanish word for "blue" and the Mayan word for "wind") with a deep reverence for Mother Nature: No trees were cut, and the amorphous structure sits on stilts so that local wildlife can still pass below